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When you are looking for a very smooth operation of your Miami sliding glass door, then call the company that has been trusted in Miami, FL for years. CM Glass specializes in all things custom glass and mirrors and can install gorgeous doors that act as windows to the beautiful Florida scenery outdoors.

What is the cost of a glass sliding door?

Sliding glass doors can cost anywhere from $400-$4,000. This price includes the labor, a warranty, professional installation from a Miami company, customer care, and a free estimate by one of our professional technicians.

Impact sliding doors are necessary in Florida, particularly in the Miami area. If you worry about hurricanes and want to protect your family and your house, call CM Glass to install your impact windows and provide you with the great customer service you deserve. Hurricane-resistant sliding glass doors are ideal for Miami-Dade homeowners who want to create a feeling of space in their living area while taking in the lovely views of Florida. Impact sliding doors are manufactured with a glaze to reduce heat gain and loss while making your space look more sleek and attractive.

There are many benefits to an all-glass wall made of impact windows. They filter 99 percent of UV light, which reduces heat gain and protects your furniture. They protect your home from intruders and dramatically reduce outside noise from neighbors and traffic. Sliding doors also reduce unwanted air and moisture infiltration, which improves energy efficiency. Most importantly, sliding doors made with impact windows protect you from hurricanes. Sliding glass doors are also windows that make your home look bigger, grander, and lighter.

Parts of A Sliding Glass Door

Patio doors consist of one fixed unit and another operable one. Although a sliding glass door is considered one unit, it consists of different parts. Two panels of glass run along aluminum top rails and bottom rails. The handle style includes the lock latch. Side jambs are the ends that connect to the wall. 

How much does a 3-panel sliding door cost?

Three-panel sliding glass doors in Miami cost between $1,000 to $5,000. In under 24 hours, CM Glass can provide you with a free quote on a new door that is so smooth that you can move it with one finger.

Professional Installation and Replacement Service

You may want to consider a replacement if you notice any of the following problems:

  • If your sliding glass door gets stuck when opening or closing it. The solution may be as simple as cleaning out the dirt, but if the sliding glass doors were not installed properly, then the rollers may be damaged.
  • Your sliding glass doors make a noise.
  • You feel a draft in the room closest to the door.

How much does a glass patio door cost?

Sliding doors can cost $300 to $2,000 or as high as $6,000, depending on the type and size of the door. If we need to build a new opening for a sliding glass door in your wall and add framing costs, then creating the window space from your wall alone could cost $700 to $2,100, which does not include the price of the sliding doors.

Protecting Your Investment in Your Home Project

After we have finished the installation job on your new windows and glass doors, it’s important to know how to take care of them. Maintaining your residential or business sliding glass doors allows you to enjoy your investment much longer. Ask us about our glass cleaner that we recommend using to keep your sliding glass doors looking beautiful all the time.

How much does it cost to install a vinyl sliding door?

Adding a 72″x80″ aluminum sliding door can cost around $2,756, but the overall price can vary according to the specific needs of your project. Get in touch and we can provide a free estimate in under 24 hours!

Benefits Of Vinyl Sliding Doors

There are many advantages to installing vinyl sliding doors:

  • Because these doors do not require a lot of room to operate, folding vinyl doors give access to almost the entire opening
  • They are low-maintenance doors that rarely require repairs
  • They are energy efficient

Call CM Glass For Your Free Estimate

Our customers hire our sliding door experts to install or replace their impact doors because of our stellar reputation in South Florida. When you want to protect your family and your Florida home, then call CM Glass for quality services. We know how important having reliable, safe, and attractive patio and interior doors are to you, so we provide you with a wide variety of options of sliding glass doors to meet the needs of your commercial building or residential patio.

Contact us today at (305) 261-4500, so we can schedule a free evaluation and give you your price in writing. We will happily go to your Florida location to provide you an estimate and warranty information of the best door systems on the market. 


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