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CM Glass is a custom glass studio specializing in
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As a leader in the industry, CM Glass offers the finest of the best in back-painted glass products to people in Miami. With custom backpainted glass, we can bring vitality to any room in your house. 

In many of our works, back-painted glass is used as the final touch so we can create a unique style for your space. Backpainted glass can be utilized for various applications, including backsplashes, countertops, and artistic wall installations. 

We utilize a three-part epoxy paint that adheres to the glass and gives artwork a flawless appearance. These components can be matte or sparkly. Contact us at (305) 261-4500 to learn more!

Back Painted Glass
Back Painted Glass in the kitchen

Back Painted Glass and Its Applications

Backpainted glass has a wide range of applications and is regularly used in both residential and commercial structures. 

One of the most common uses for backpainted glass is as a decorative feature. Glass contributes a unique aesthetic to every construction project, resulting in a sleek, modern appearance. Backpainted glass goes a step further by retaining the cold, hard surface while adding a warm color to fit any taste.


What Are the Uses of Back Painted Glass?

Backpainted glass panels are used in many office buildings to break up big, basic walls and fill other empty places. They are also used for dry erase boards. The reverse of the board is painted to let the colors stand out. This is the perfect modern makeover for workplaces, schools, churches, and other public spaces.

Uses for Back Painted Glass Panels in the Home

Homeowners can use backpainted glass panels to add unique and modern elements to their homes. The glass may be utilized to break up empty wall space and in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Back painted glass as a backsplash is the latest trendy style that many homeowners implement in their kitchens. 

Back Painted Glass Care

Glass is not only simple to clean and maintain, but it is also a non-porous material that may aid in the reduction of germs and bacteria. Back painted glass can replace tile in spaces where tile was initially utilized, such as in bathrooms.

Back painted glass is popular among home renovators and business developers because of its many appealing features. 

When this glass is installed, it immediately gives a place a new, modern feel. For walls in high-traffic areas, it’s a durable, easily cleaned alternative to painted drywall. 

Back Painted Glass: What Are the Benefits and Advantages?

Back painted glass is popular among home renovators and interior designers because of its many appealing features. The following are some of the key advantages:

  • Custom color: Glass suppliers offer custom color matching, which means you can have your backpainted glass in whatever color you like.
  • Hygienic: Glass wall panels are easy to clean and disinfect, and they do not absorb germs, become saturated with cooking fat, or succumb to mildew.
  • Durable: Back painted glass is designed to keep its beauty over time and with typical use. Unlike wallpaper, it is a wall covering that does not peel or discolor.
  • Pure coloration: Low-iron glass guarantees that your chosen color shines through.
  • Tailored to customer needs: Back painted glass may be made to various standards on multiple horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Why Choose Our Product?

The back-painted glass offered by CM Glass comes in various thicknesses and custom colors according to your needs. You can view our back painted glass galleries and browse the photos of previously completed work to see which style might suit your wishes. CM Glass is a custom glass studio specializing in backpainted glass and various other types of glass manufacturing. 

With over 30 years of experience in the glass industry, we are confident that we can help you achieve the ambiance that you desire at competitive prices. As a family owned business, our expertise on the topic of glass is profound. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their desired result based upon their budget, scheduling requirements, style, and needs.

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Our highly-trained and skilled professionals are ready to take on any project no matter how ambitious. You can reach CM Glass Miami by phone or email. Our team will meet with you to discuss your ideas and ensure that they are realized with our assistance. You can also get a free quote by going to our website or, better yet, visiting our showroom. Contact us at (305) 261-4500, or fax (305) 261-4410.


You can reach CM Glass Miami via phone or email. You can also request a free quote on our website or, even better, visit our showroom. Our staff will discuss with you and make sure your ideas will come to life with our help.

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