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The customer experience starts with the exterior of your store, so it can be challenging to design and plan an entrance that attracts people. You can find glass storefront doors almost anywhere because of their versatility and enduring elegance. Commercial glass doors also let in sunlight, improving visibility in your business or retail store.

As a South Florida business owner, you want to install commercial storefront doors that match your company’s brand identity and value. CM Glass has been creating custom glass commercial doors for over three decades. Call now for an estimate for commercial storefront doors that welcome customers and provide security for your business.

Building With Glass Walls And Doors

Commercial Window and Doors Miami

Commercial storefront doors are the first defense against unauthorized access to your business and property. A retail store, for example, has inventory, cash, and computer equipment, making it a vulnerable target to theft. Tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed glass, and it comes in increasingly darker tints to conceal whatever you want to hide behind the glass. In terms of safety against the elements, our glass is strong enough to protect you and whoever is inside from extreme weather, like hail. Call us today to discuss your security concerns so that we can provide you with the glass door solutions that we offer.

Glass Storefront Entry Doors

The most common way to make storefront doors in commercial buildings is to fasten tempered glass in an aluminum frame. Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, gets its strength from the manufacturing process. The glass is heated to over 600 degrees Celcius and undergoes high-pressure cooling. As the surface cools faster than the inner layer, it creates tension, making the door stronger. It is called “safety glass” because if it breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces less likely to cut someone, rather than large, dangerous shards.

Tempered glass is a great choice for a storefront door, and you can customize it. Our commercial glass door specialists can help you decide on the size, shape, and thickness of your new storefront doors. Your commercial door is made to order, and you have options for:

  • Exit devices
  • Door sweeps
  • Bottom rails
  • Transoms (a small window over the door)
  • Sidelights (the windows on the side of the door)
  • Frame and frame finish, like fire-rated steel

Insulated glass is another strong option for your commercial door. Insulated glass is made of two panes of glass with air between them. It comes in different types of light transmittance, which can control or even improve your building’s energy efficiency. Some transmit as low as 10% of visible light rays, adding privacy to your business.

No matter what you choose for your commercial storefront door, you can keep it clean with our proprietary window and glass cleaning solution. With the right routine, the exterior of your business can look polished, and your glass doors can sparkle. Clean windows allow more natural light into your business or retail store. Ask us how you can keep your commercial storefront doors streak-free and shiny.

Commercial Storefront Glass & Doors In Miami

From brainstorming ideas through completion, CM Glass is ready to help you update your commercial storefront doors. We are a locally-owned, family business that has been installing custom glass windows and commercial storefront doors for over 30 years. We also create custom solutions for glass cabinet doors, glass wall partitions, and sliding glass doors, to meet any additional architectural glass desires you have. We’ve been successfully able to meet the budget and scheduling needs of our Miami clients, and we look forward to working with you to create the atmosphere you want.

As your custom glass Miami specialists, we are eager to hear your desires and provide top customer service. Call us today at (305) 261-4500, so we can visit your site. We will review the range of high-quality glass options available and provide you with an estimate. We offer a fast installation that provides you with more flexibility and allows you to focus on your business.


You can reach CM Glass Miami via phone or email. You can also request a free quote on our website or, even better, visit our showroom. Our staff will discuss with you and make sure your ideas will come to life with our help.

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