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Glass Staircase

Glass staircases can enhance the design of your home or business. There are a diverse number of framed and unframed designs available. Our customizable options allow you to devise the configuration that you desire. We can create a one-of-a-kind look for your home or business. We work with you to ensure that the railings fit your vision and meet your needs.

Looking for a company that specializes in custom glass? Look no further than CM Glass. We’re a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. 
CM Glass can build custom glass railings and staircases to enhance the look of your home or office space. Simply give us a call at 305-261-4500 and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

Glass Staircases
Glass Staircases

How Much Are Glass Steps?

In general, glass railings cost $165-$570 per linear foot. The price depends on the style, accessibility to materials, the types of materials, and the complexity of the installation. A highly customized, complex project with superior materials could cost over $10,000. We recommend calling CM Glass now at 305-261-4500 to speak to a glass railing installation professional about your glass stairs, glass railings, or spiral stairs.

There is no price difference in cost between interior and exterior glass railings since most of the same components, like handrails, posts, and clips, are used in both applications. There may be a slightly higher cost for installing premium corrosion-resistant glass stairs on the exterior of coastal homes or buildings near the beach so that you can have a lasting clean, polished look.

Are Glass Stairs Safe?

New glass technology can help you achieve the luxurious look of having glass stairs in your residential or commercial space safely and affordably. Glass railings are durable, require very little maintenance, and have a long lifespan, meaning that you save in the long run when you choose glass stairs, balconies or landings, or around your pool, porch or yard. If you have kids and pets, all you will ever have to worry about are sticky fingers and smudges on your glass, but our tempered glass is too thick for them to ever break it.

To ensure your safety, glass staircases and railings must be installed by a specialized professional with years of experience whose work will undoubtedly pass code inspections.

Glass Stair Care

Glass stairs elevate your home or building’s architecture and are very easy to maintain. Glass won’t be damaged or rot when it comes into contact with water, nor is it prone to other issues, so you can wipe them down with a soft microfiber cloth that has been dipped in a mixture of warm water and a little bit of soap. 

To keep them looking spotless, we recommend regular cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals or vinegar and not using hard water. Wiping up and down with a warm, soapy water solution helps your class staircase railings maintain their elegance!

Regular and proper cleaning is essential, which is why we carry our own brand of cleaner. CM Glass sells our own cleaning solution that prevents your glass from becoming cloudy. Using our solution consistently as part of a regular cleaning routine will keep your glass staircases looking luxurious.

Why Choose Our Products

CM Glass is a boutique, family-owned, and operated glass company that specializes in all things custom glass and mirrors. We custom build glass railings and staircases using high-quality materials to magnify the look of your home or office space. We will happily send you a quote within 24 hours of your inquiry, so call us at 305-261-4500.


You can reach CM Glass Miami via phone or email. You can also request a free quote on our website or, even better, visit our showroom. Our staff will discuss with you and make sure your ideas will come to life with our help.

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