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Custom Glass US Virgin Islands

With an experience of over 30 years, the CM Glass custom glass studio offers the highest quality products and services to its clients. Our skilled and professional staff provides excellent customer service and customizes glass finishes to meet the highest expectations.

Whether your project includes installing heavy pieces of glass, such as frameless bath enclosures, or looking for simple mirrors, we will work with you and provide the best services at competitive prices.

CM Glass custom glass studio is ready to supervise any project. We are specialized in working with designers, architects, contractors, or homeowners. Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements and see how we can make your dreams come true. 

Our Top Services and Products

CM Glass offers an extended range of glass products, from mirrors to architectural glass. Our team of seasoned professionals will work with you and will openly discuss your design ideas and budget.

We will assist you even if you are looking for a simple mirror or dealing with more complicated projects. 

High-quality products

Here at CM Glass, we work only with manufacturers that offer the highest quality glass products on the market. Perfect for any design and space, the custom glass products we offer are the most reliable and safest you can find on the market today.

Please check our products on our website gallery section and contact us for a free estimate. 

Custom Mirrors

CM Glass offers different types of mirrors of various sizes. We also customize these mirrors according to your design ideas or space constraints you might face. Check out our gallery for inspiration and design ideas

Custom Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are a functional and elegant addition to any home, store, or office, a piece of furniture that makes any room look sleek and modern. According to your decorating plans, our professional team will create beautiful custom glass shelves and install them where you might need them. 

Glass Bar Tops

CM Glass custom glass bar tops resist scratches and stains while providing an easy-to-clean surface. Whether you need them for your bar at home or own a successful restaurant, we can transform the location into a modern-looking space. 

Glass Wine Cellars

Our custom glass wine cellars are beautifully designed to be unique and exquisite. Combined with wood, metal, or any other material, your custom wine cellar will be transformed completely. 

Glass Countertops

A modern and functional kitchen must include custom glass countertops. Reach us today to discuss how our heat and stain-resistant glass countertops can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and elegant space. 

Frameless Bath Enclosures

A modern and functional restroom requires custom glass frameless bath enclosures that will transform any shower or bathroom into a beautiful space that you can enjoy every day. Our experienced and professional team will visit you to measure, deliver and install the bath enclosure you pick. 

Furniture Glass

CM Glass is known for the custom furniture glass we offer to our clients. This popular product is used on nightstands, coffee tables, or dressers. Furniture glass gives your home a stylish and modern look. Custom-designed and cut to size glass table tops will not change their elegant appearance over the years. We can offer you custom furniture glass made from either mirrors or crystal clear glass. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your decorating ideas. 

Back Painted Glass

The back painted custom glass we provide creates a unique and modern design. Whether you decide to use it for a countertop, decorative wall installations, or glass shower doors, CM Glass can offer and customize the back painted glass. Either matte or shiny, we can offer you the best product out there. Available in many thicknesses and colors, you will surely find something perfect for your home. 

Architectural Glass

Over the years, CM Glass has supplied with architectural glass many contractors, designers, or architects. Thus, we build a strong reputation among the glass industry professionals, and our seasoned staff has broad experience working with custom architectural glass.

The custom architectural glass is made of the highest quality materials in the industry and manufactured to the highest standards for maximum safety and reliability. Contact us if you require high-quality architectural glass because your project is our priority. 

Glass Staircases 

CM Glass offers safe and reliable custom glass staircases custom-made from architectural glass chemically treated, laminated, and tempered. Your residential or commercial space will look stylish and modern while the whole area will open up. Our team of professionals is ready to work with engineers and designers to meet all code and safety requirements. 

Glass Railings

A modern yet spacious design for your home, or a deck with a full panoramic view, requires custom glass railings. CM Glass offers you reliable and safe glass railings, perfect for your residence and professional installation services. 

Export Glass

Besides helping our clients create the perfect design for their residences, CM Glass also provides exporting glass services. Most glass, mirrors, and hardware items are available for export and undergo the same rigorous quality control as the products we sell to our local customers.

Why choose CM Glass? 

CM Glass built its reputation over 30 years. Today, the custom glass studio became well-known throughout the state of Florida and the Caribbean.

Our friendly and professional staff assists you with choosing the perfect custom glass product for your residential or commercial area without exceeding your budget. Immediately after you decide upon the glass product and design, we will transform your vision into reality. 

Client Reviews

Our satisfied customers say our high-quality glass products perfectly fit any residential or commercial site, giving the space a modern and elegant look. Moreover, we offer you a wide range of custom cut to size items at competitive prices. Our past and current clients recommend us for the fast production time and the capability to take emergency orders. 

If you need professional and reliable assistance with your custom glass projects, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ask for a free quote, and we will gladly provide it. 

Contact Us

You can reach CM Glass via phone or email, and you can also request a free estimate on our website. In case you want to check out our products, please visit our showroom. Our friendly staff will liaise with you and help you make an educated decision based on your requirements and our expertise. 

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