Custom Glass British Virgin Islands

If there are any gifts the British Virgin Islands bring to a resident’s life, it’s their breathtaking natural beauty and pristine beaches with crystal clear waters.

Incorporating Custom Glass

Photo of a House

For homeowners looking for a change in view, custom glass is a personalization option that’s easy for anyone to enjoy. It can be the factor that takes your property to the next level.

There are many ways that custom glass can be used to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a home.

Whether you are interested in custom shower enclosures, custom railings for stairs or a deck, or custom mirrors, there are an endless amount of possibilities.

CM Glass will export glass from Miami, Florida to the Caribbean, Central America, and various other locations around the world.

Regardless of where clients are located, the CM Glass team and website are here to provide high-quality products to sell for all of our clients’ custom glass needs.

Custom Shower Enclosures

Aesthetic Appeal

If you decide to add an elegant addition to your bathroom, a custom shower enclosure is the perfect option.

While traditional shower curtains and opaque shower doors can make a bathroom feel smaller, glass enclosures are designed for an open and spacious feeling in a bathroom.

To best enjoy your environment, a custom shower enclosure design can be used to avoid a cramped feeling.

Easy to Maintain

Custom shower enclosures aren’t just for aesthetic appeal – they are also incredibly easy to clean! Because there are no curtains or doors to worry about, the cleaning process becomes quick, simple, and easy. 

As noted on the CM Glass LLC website, we provide you with tempered glass that is more durable and resistant to shattering.

Custom Railings

Glass railings are a popular choice for a variety of architectural glass, such as balconies, staircases, a deck, and terraces in British Virgin Islands homes.

They are the perfect option to provide unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape while also adding a modern and elegant touch to a home’s design, stairs, balcony, or deck in the summer.

There’s also no need to worry about glass railings’ durability. In addition to their aesthetic and curb appeal, glass railings are incredibly durable and low maintenance. 

Three types of glass are most often designed for railings.

Annealed Glass

To make annealed glass, it is cooled slowly to relieve internal stress after it is formed. This process is completed in a temperature-controlled kiln. 

Because of the way it is created, annealed glass is durable and resilient – perfect for railings and windows. Glass that is not annealed is liable to crack or shatter.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass has a slow cooling process, which makes its compression strength lower than tempered glass. It is, however, about twice as strong as annealed glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, on the other hand, is about four to five times stronger than annealed glass. To create tempered glass, the cooling process is accelerated to create higher surface compression. 

Unlike annealed glass and heat-strengthened glass, tempered glass is considered safer for your stairs or deck. It’s designed to best suit a custom railing on your deck.

Custom Glass Mirrors

There are a variety of benefits to including custom glass mirrors in your British Virgin Islands home, including enhancing the interior design.

Utilizing Space and Light

Custom glass mirrors can be used to create the illusion of more space in small rooms. They can also be used to reflect natural light into your home to create a brighter space.

Contact the CM Glass team via our site, and we will review your project description to offer affordable prices for your beautiful custom pieces.

Fully Functional Furniture Glass

Custom glass mirrors can be added in a variety of rooms to add a functional piece of furniture glass in your home. 

Add a custom glass mirror to your bathroom, bedroom, or living room to easily check your appearance.

Custom Glass Windows, Doors, and Walls

In a beautiful location like the British Virgin Islands, custom-designed windows and doors can be used to bring the city view inside.

If your residence is not spacious – such as a studio, store, or office – glass windows and doors allow outside views inside. They allow natural light to flood into your home’s environment, which can make a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

CM Glass is happy to offer custom-designed windows and doors of any shape or size to allow you to utilize them in a variety of spaces throughout your home. 

Glass walls are the perfect way to create a  timeless interior design. Incorporating glass partition walls in your home leads to visual expansion in your space, where solid doors and partitions can limit space, causing a cramped feeling of isolation.

Photo of Export Glass

There are a variety of other benefits to glass partition walls, such as superior acoustics, energy saving, affordability, and safety.

Custom Glass Artwork

To add a unique and personalized touch to your British Virgin Islands home, custom glass art is the way to go. It’s also great for gifts.

There are a variety of items you may design for custom glass artwork, such as stained glass windows and custom glass sculptures.

Custom glass art is an inspired way for homeowners to reflect their personal style or add a pop of color and visual interest to a space