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Suppose you’re looking for a stylish way to update any kitchen and fashion a display area for items that you love. In that case, you should consider choosing glass front cabinets as a smart investment for your kitchen remodel. Glass cabinets are the perfect place to store your glasses or crockery, and you can curate your kitchen cabinets to show off your most attractive items. There are so many styles to choose from, whether your kitchen is more traditional, modern, contemporary, or country chic. Call CM Glass at (305) 261-4500 to speak to a glass specialist about your dream kitchen.

How much are glass cabinet doors?

Glass cabinets range in price depending on how big your kitchen is and the area that you want to fill. Most cost between $8 to $14 per square foot.

Can I replace cabinet doors with glass?

If you are looking for a cabinet door style that will complement any interior design, then look no further than CM Glass for your kitchen remodel. Glass doors make a room feel larger, so they’re an excellent choice to enhance your kitchen’s grandeur. They create an illusion of depth, enhancing your kitchen’s size. They can also reflect light, which can brighten up a dark kitchen. 

What type of glass is used for kitchen cabinets?

Tempered glass is one of the best materials for making glass doors. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass because, in the unlikely event that the cabinet door shatters, it will shatter into small pieces that are less likely to cause injury, unlike large shards of glass that can be very dangerous. After the tempering process, it cannot be drilled or cut, so all of the fabrication of your glass doors must be done before the tempering process so that they can fit properly in the frame.

The Cabinet Door Frame

Custom aluminum frame glass doors are very popular for their contemporary look that is suitable for residential and commercial interior design. Aluminum frames can be made to the client’s specifications and come in a variety of finishes, providing additional design possibilities when combined with our numerous glass door options. As a strong, non-toxic metal, aluminum frames provide stability and durability for your door. 

Cabinet Door Styles

There are many cabinet door options and styles to consider:

  • French lites: These have a rounded inside corner and come in a raised panel shape
  • Thermofile cabinet doors: These have an extra-wide raised panel, shallow inside edging detail, and white melamine back
  • High gloss cabinet doors: Give your kitchen a classy look with this stylish finish
  • Routed fingerpull: There are myriad ways to design the pull that allows you to open your drawers and cabinets with just one finger


We also offer options for pantries and closets to match your kitchen. Glass closet doors can boost the appeal and aesthetics of your kitchen and make it look more spacious while revealing what’s inside. 

Glass Cabinet Doors Miami

CM Glass is a boutique, family-owned, and operated glass company. We specialize in all things custom glass and mirrors and provide glass options for any type of luxury remodeling project. We make custom glass shower enclosures ideal for a bathroom, custom LED mirrors, mirror walls, custom vanity mirrors, wine cellars, decorative wall partitions, backsplashes, countertops, architectural glass, and exterior & interior glass railings.

Our Miami glass doors offer a serene charm for any kitchen or bathroom design. We guarantee to complete every project on time and within budget. Contact us at (305) 261-4500, and we will send you a free quote for your next project within 24 hours. 


You can reach CM Glass Miami via phone or email. You can also request a free quote on our website or, even better, visit our showroom. Our staff will discuss with you and make sure your ideas will come to life with our help.

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