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Glass is incredibly versatile and unique. Not only does it serves an aesthetic purpose, but it is an excellent thermal isolator and a durable material. Tinted glass serves both purposes, offering UV protection and increasing privacy. If colored, tinted glass can make a statement anywhere, and it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

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At CM Glass Miami, we work closely with our clients and hold our projects to strict quality and safety glass controls. We offer premium collections of materials and customize each according to your needs. We can take any custom-cut glass and transform it into a beautiful glass table top in the right hands. If you want to learn more about custom-tinted glass, here are some essential elements you need to know! 

How Is Tinted Glass Made?

The beauty of tinted glass stands in its complex and ingenious manufacturing process. It is essential to mention here that most tints are done to tempered glass, which is a lot stronger and more durable and is used mainly in construction. 

The tinting process adds a small amount of metal dioxide to the composition. This results in colored glass that can block UV lights while maintaining the basic properties of the glass, like light reflection and transparency. Another key aspect here is the safe shatter pattern.  

This is called laminated glass, where a PVB Interlayer Film binds two pieces of tempered glass. Unlike annealed glass, this type of glass is shock and weight-resistant and never tends to break hazardously. It is primarily used in construction and automobile manufacturing and can be customized to specifications. 

Where Can Tinted Glass be Used?

If it is tinted tempered glass, the possibility of use is endless. Indoors, it can be used as shower doors, glass shelves, table tops, and staircases. Tints can completely change the design aspect, so even if you want to keep a more vintage look to your home, the glass can be tinted to fit seamlessly.

On the exterior, tinted glass has become the symbol of urbanism and modernity. Skyscrapers, commercial, and office buildings must implement glass facades not just because of the modern look but because of its many benefits, such as durability and energy efficiency.

Custom-cut glass is also used in artworks and statement pieces in the home. It saves space energy and displays your collections in a new and contemporary style. One clear example is modern wine cellars, where glass is tinted and manufactured to preserve the ideal temperature for wine bottles.

Tinted Glass Windows and Table Tops 

Instead of a transparent window, tinted windows reflect a fantastic view and block UV light. Adding such glass to the walls can make your home look more beautiful. It adds not just decoration elements but increases the value as well. If you decide to go for window tint, remember that glass cut into sizes comes in pre-determined thicknesses so that it can be easily customizable. 

Despite popular belief, glass table tops are not hazardous. Broken glass is designed to remain glued to the vinyl layer or break into large pieces. Your children or pets are safe around a glass table. You only need to worry about the design of your home. If you are unsure where to start, our team at CM Glass Miami can help you select the shapes, thickness, and edges and choose colors to transform your custom piece into the focal point in your interior. 

Tinted Shower Doors and Walls

Tinted glass shower enclosures offer privacy in bathrooms. These glass products will no longer hold on to drops and water like standard glass and remain completely transparent. Instead of using standard clear glass, choose light colors to obscure baths or showers in your home. The glass and mirror pieces are easily cleaned and last several years. If you decide to temper them, it will completely transform your bathroom. 

What Is The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Tint Glass?

Typically, the main difference is in shape and glass strength. Due to its high quality and structural resistance, colored glass is ideal for storefronts, skylights, atria, and railings. Tint glass is often used in commercial applications; however, it can be implemented inside homes as well if it fits the aesthetic style.  

A customization process will adapt windows to the existing surroundings. Tinted windows are ideal for homes if the owner wants to obscure some indoor views without losing visibility. The same applies to employees, who are free to work in greater privacy while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of their city. 

Benefits of Investing In Custom Cut Glass

Besides increasing intimacy and UV protection, tinted glass can help regulate a building’s temperature. It is designed to absorb energy from the visible light spectrum, and transfer it inside – making it a viable energy-efficient alternative. Because tint glass comes in various colors, it brings an additional aesthetic statement.

The most popular color tints include beige and neutral tones, like bronze and gold, and darker ones, like grays, blues, and greens. Any project can look luxurious and elegant on a flat surface like glass.

Photo of a tinted glass building

The most important aspect of tinted glass is not its beauty but rather its energy efficiency. Using glass facades is a profitable investment for office buildings since they are great thermal protectors and last a very long time, cutting down on energy bills and maintenance costs. The thickness of the glass is an essential element; however, glass windows made from tempered or laminated glass meet the safety codes for construction buildings. 

At CM Glass Miami, we ensure that our next project will be up to your standards. With over 30 years in glass products manufacturing, we specialize in everything custom-made, from interior design, like bedroom frames, glass furniture, and tempered staircases, to custom mirrors and even architectural glass. Contact us today and request a free quote from our team.  


What Color Tint Is Best for Interior Design?

There is no clear answer to this. Everyone has their tastes and needs; however, as a general rule of thumb, tints of green and blue go well in bathrooms and open spaces, while social areas can be warmed up with notes of brown and yellow. 

Does UV Protection Fades Over Time?

Ultraviolet protection is typically designed to last the entire lifetime of the glass. That can be anywhere between 15 to 20 years. If you notice that your furniture colors are starting to fade, and the leather stiffens or cracks, that may indicate that the tint file is starting to go away.. Talk with your service provider and run a test on a sample glass.

Is Commercial Tinting Like Car Window Film?

Even though it looks similar to a window film, glass tinting has distinct features. First is the manufacturing process in which the tint is integrated into the glass structure rather than an overlay. Glass tinting can be customized to any color and texture, which is different from the standard car window tint. 

How Much Does Custom-Made Glass Cost?

We need to estimate the cost of a custom-made project. Typical projects like window panels and frame glass are typically around $5- $6 for each square foot. The thicker the glass, the more expensive it is. And the more unique and complex the pattern is, the higher the costs. 

How Much Does It Cost to Tint Glass?

HomeAdvisor says the average price for home window tinting is $586. Film costs are usually between $200 and $100, and installation costs average $5-10.50 per square foot. However, you can expect a higher price tag if you prefer color tints or other custom projects.


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