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Custom glass wine cellars are becoming a popular choice for wine connoisseurs around the world, and particularly our friends and neighbors in Miami, FL. Designed for a perfect fit, your custom wine cellar will be unique and one of a kind. It will have a timeless appeal and immediately become the focal point of your living space. 

Glass Wine Cellar

Glass in itself is an attractive material since it can amplify the inherent beauty of other materials without taking away from the space or give the crowded appearance. When mixed with wood, metal, or other materials, you can come up with many stunning combinations for your custom wine cellar design. The variation in the wine racking assembly allows for the creation of numerous design possibilities for your wine cellar.

When you start considering a wine cellar for your precious wine collection, remember that while in the past, these spaces usually had a solid door that prevented you from enjoying the view of your wine cellar. These days, the possibility of a frameless glass wine cellar can make the final wine cellar design a work of art that can be enjoyed as a fine masterpiece. 

Here are some options that may be included in your final wine cellar design:

Wine Cellar Materials

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brushed nickel
  • Chrome
  • Mirrors
  • LED Lighting

Glass Wine Cellar Edges

  • Seamed edge
  • Flat polish edge
  • Pencil edge
  • Beveled edge
  • Wooden frame
  • Metal frame
  • Pattern edge

Glass Wine Cellar Specs

  • Ultra-clear mirror
  • Antique mirror
  • Annealed mirror
  • Tempered mirror
  • Laminated mirror
  • Safety-backed mirror

Showcasing your wine through a glass wall will not only open up the entire room in a classic, timeless way, it actually turns your wine cellar into the focal point of the home. 

Let your imagination point you in the right direction when selecting from our variety of racking systems. Match or contrast the aesthetics of your home by going with racks made from wood, acrylic, or metal for your wine cellar. We work closely with our colleagues to achieve the ultimate finish product for our clients 

Rest assured that our team will help you put together a wine cellar that will meet your storage needs while exceeding your visual expectations.

Why A Glass Wine Cellar

When you have a passion for wine in Miami, FL, you need to have the perfect wine cellar. To begin with, you need to know where each bottle is located. Many bottles of wine need to be delicately handled, particularly old and unique vintages

Keeping your wine collection in a room that is far away, where neither you nor your guests can enjoy it, seems unacceptable. You know you need a wine cellar where you can display your prized bottles, and you also understand that it is not convenient to be handling the bottles too often. They need to be placed in a wine cellar with a glass enclosure where they can easily be found, enjoyed and displayed. 

Whether climate controlled or just room temperature, You never have to worry about the closure of your cellar. If your cellar will be climate controlled, our team will ensure that the insulated glass unit will be properly sealed at the time of installation.  At CM Glass, our team of experts always creates the right environment for our clients. This includes making sure that the enclosure of your cellar will be properly created for the type of cellar you are creating.

Climate-Controlled Environment

Your most prized fine wines need the care and attention that being in a bespoke glass wine cellar can give them. 

You want to protect your investment by placing each bottle in a climate-controlled atmosphere where they will be preserved at the precise temperature and with humidity control. 

This way, you can guarantee that they will age optimally and offer you the most robust tasting experience.

At CM Glass, our team of cellar design professionals are trained to help you get the glass wine cellar you need, taking into account your home, the space you have, the architectural features of the space where the wine cellar will be located, and your budget. 

They will help you design the optimal wine cellar to ensure that you have the space you need to display your wine while also including the proper cooling unit installed.. 

At CM Glass, we are proud to offer you the most personalized design services. Once you contact us, we will set up an initial design consultation with one of our glass wine cellar specialists. 

We will listen to your project and go through all the possibilities with you in order to design a truly customized glass wine cellar to fit your space.

During this session, you will have the opportunity to select the perfect finishes, materials, accessories, lighting, and any other detail you wish to add. 

Your project manager will supervise the project from beginning to end.

Once your glass wine cellar has been beautifully designed, our team will begin fabrication and it will be carefully transported to its final location and professionally installed. It will then be your pleasure to arrange your prized wine collection in this breathtaking space.

Glass Wine Cellar

Glass Wine Cellar Gallery

Browse through some of our recently completed projects by visiting our Glass Wine Cellar Gallery. Our gallery has beautiful photos of wine cellar projects we have completed in the past. 

Viewing our CM Glass gallery can inspire new ideas or add to your current ones. 

Either way, we hope you enjoy the wine cellar gallery! If you prefer to see our work up close, please visit our showroom. We hope to see you soon.


Glass Wine Cellars Miami

Wine Cellar Materials

Wine Cellar Materials

  • minusWood
  • minusAluminum
  • minusStainless Steel
  • minusBrushed Nickel
  • minusChrome
  • minusMirrors
  • minusLed Lighting
Glass Wine Cellar Edges

Glass Wine Cellar Edges

  • minusSeamed Edge
  • minusFlat Polish Edge
  • minusPencil Edge
  • minusBeveled Edge
  • minusWooden Frame
  • minusMetal Frame
  • minusPattern Edge
Glass Wine Cellar Specs

Glass Wine Cellar Specs

  • minus1/2
  • minusUltra Clear Mirror
  • minusAntique Mirror
  • minusAnnealed Mirror
  • minusTempered Mirror
  • minusLaminated Mirror
  • minusSafety Backed Mirror


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