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There are many reasons to choose custom bathroom mirrors. Bathroom mirrors add elegance and are the focal point of the space, and provide other practical advantages. Bathroom mirrors reflect artificial and natural light, making your bathroom feel a lot larger. Vanity mirrors can make a small space feel open.

CM Glass specializes in all things custom mirrors Miami, including wall mirrors and bathroom mirrors, as well as sliding glass doors and frameless bath enclosures Miami. Former interior design clients give us high satisfaction ratings, so call us today at (305) 261-4500.

Circular Mirror Hanged Above The Sink In The Bathroom

Bathroom Mirror Placement ideas

Decorative mirrors work for every style, from distressed, shabby chic, modern or traditional. Because they reflect the space, they create harmony and balance everywhere.

A large framed mirror or series of frameless mirrors can transform a room. A special mirror is the focal point and makes a statement.

Custom bathroom mirrors reflect ambient and natural light. Because of this, we advise placing your custom mirrors six to 10 inches from the top of your faucet.

Edge Types For Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are customizable. Certain edge types help them to reflect more light.

  • Pencil polished edges: These have a round, smooth edge
  • Beveled edges: A beveled edge has a longer, more gradual slope leading to a thin side. A mirror with a beveled edge doesn’t need a frame because the bevel already makes it look framed.
  • Flat polished edges: Cut and then flat polished with oil; this edge type is a lot more abrasive and sharp than the rounded pencil polish but appeals to those who want a sleek and clean look.  Flat polish glass is great for frameless vanity mirrors that are at least a ¼ inch thick

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Custom Bathroom Mirror Installation

With many mirror frame styles to choose from, you can get exactly what you want. The advantage of custom mirrors is that they are made specifically for your bathroom for easy installation. Most custom bathroom mirror installations take less than a week.

Easy Bathroom Mirror Upgrade – How It Works

When ready to upgrade your bathroom, call CM Glass to bring your dream to fruition. With our visualization tools and models, we can help you preview your new bathroom design before we break ground.

We use tempered glass when making all our custom frameless bathroom mirrors. We choose this type because in the rare event that your mirror breaks, it will shatter into tiny, mostly harmless pieces. Standard glass breaks into dangerous, large shards.

Tempered glass is also four times stronger than standard glass and can withstand pressure up to 15,000psi, making it good at resisting impact. Tempered glass is used in various applications, from windshields to glass tabletops.

Our manufacturing process takes up to a week. Once it is ready, it will be shipped for installation. We bring all installation screws, anchors, tools, and supplies for safely installing your bathroom mirrors.

Call (305) 261-4500 to learn how CM Glass can help you upgrade your bathroom with gorgeous bathroom or vanity mirrors.

Big Mirror

Mirror Gallery

Browse through some of our recent work by visiting our Mirror Gallery. Our gallery has beautiful photos of projects we have completed. Our gallery can inspire new ideas or add to your current projects. We hope you enjoy it! If you prefer to see our work up close, please visit our showroom. We hope to see you soon.



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