Cayman Islands Custom Glass

We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to the art of glasswork. We are a leader in the industry with over thirty years of experience. We are dedicated professionals able to assist you with all aspects of custom glass, from initial design to installation. We pride ourselves in providing custom glass within your budget and schedule. We have a vast array of high-quality glass products that can be custom-cut to fit into your business, residence, or any of your decor.

Glass is an aesthetic material due to its transparent nature. We help create spaces that live up to your vision. Custom glass and custom mirrors help reinvent any room. Whether you already have an idea in mind or you need some help designing your vision, we are here to assist you however we can.

Photo of Glass Pool Fence

Products We Offer

Glass Bar Tops

When creating a bar, whether as a business or at home, glass is a great option. The clean lines and look of glass works with many styles. This material exudes luxury and elegance. Glass bar tops have the added bonus of being able to be lit from below to keep your bar space unique.

Glass Table Tops

Glass is a practical option for table tops. Whether it’s drinks or food, nothing sticks to glass, so it is easy to clean and keep looking great. It’s maintenance-free, isn’t damaged by water, and tempered glass handles heat well. 

Glass Countertops

Really everything said about glass bar tops and glass table tops applies here as well. To add to why glass is a great material, it’s sanitary. Glass is easy to disinfect and it does not stain if you spill some turmeric or red sauce.

What a View!

Glass Railings

We’re in the Cayman Islands, so don’t you dare cover that view! Our glass railings allow you to sit back and relax on your deck or porch and still see the beautiful scenery of the Caymans. Younger kids can also see out and there are no bars for them to get stuck in. Glass railings are a stunning and safe option for any space.

Glass Pool Fence

Another stunning and safe way to include glass in outdoor settings is the use of glass pool fences. These fences are amazing when you have kids, as you are able to see into your pool unrestricted.

Glass Wine Cellars

Wine is meant to be appreciated, not only in taste but also in sight. Get a full view of your wine collection by incorporating glass into your wine cellar build. For a sophisticated but modern look, add glass and some soft lighting to draw attention where it’s wanted.

Office and Home Options

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions in an office make a lot of sense when you want that open feel and lots of light. They are great at noise dampening and easy to clean. People often don’t think about adding similar partitions in their homes, but adding a few glass partitions can help separate rooms and stop noise without sacrificing the open feel.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors are a great option in modern kitchens and office kitchenettes. The transparency allows a quick view of what’s inside for busy workers. Glass cabinet doors are also a great way to display that dishware to compliment the rest of your kitchen decor.

Glass Backsplash

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home or office. You need an area that is easy to clean and sanitize. Having a glass backsplash is great for easy cleaning and looks great in any kitchen decor or style.

Photo of Tinted Glass Windows

Why Custom Glass?

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and communication with our clients. We will help you at any and every step of your glass project. We have three decades of experience that we use to bring your vision to life. We will work within your budget and timeline constraints to provide you with an amazing product you will be proud to have in your home or business.

Contact Us

Our clients are able to contact us by phone, email, or our website. We’re happy to provide a complimentary quote on a project — just send us a request. We look forward to working with you on your ideas and plans. We will work with you from the initial conception to the final installation, but that all starts with reaching out today.