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Custom Beveled Mirrors

When it comes to adding a unique atmosphere, glass is a prime choice. With a beveled custom-cut glass mirror, you can amplify your space all the more.

Custom mirrors Miami will take your interiors to exquisite proportions. Turning to the experts at CM Glass Miami will ensure that you get the high quality products and services you need for your home or office. Our custom made beveled edge mirrors will shine more light into your spaces and make them feel more spacious and grand while delivering that elegant touch you deserve.

Bathroom View With A Beveled Mirror

About Beveled Glass

Beveled glass is simply a type of glass with edges that are cut and polished to a specific angle. This gives the mirror a classic look with a more attractive pattern, allowing beams of colorful light to shine through the corners.

Cut to your exact specifications, CM Glass Miami can create custom mirrors for you that reflect your impeccable taste. With our custom mirrors and beveled glass, you can illuminate any space from your dining room to your bathroom, in all shapes and sizes.

For a beveled mirror, the right thickness can vary from 1/4-inch to 1-3/4-inches. As we craft your custom mirror, you’ll have a choice of how thick you want it to be. With beveled edges, the glass is thinner along the edges while the middle portion retains its thickness.

Whether you’re choosing beveled glass for residential or commercial properties, CM Glass Miami is your custom glass Miami contact for creating exceptional finishes at a competitive price.

Custom Beveled Glass Usage

Beveled mirrors can fit perfectly with your aesthetic and cast an elegant light in your space. When you want a mirror to be the central focus of a room, for example, having it on display above your dining room table, a beveled mirror is a better choice over other mirrors.

Additionally, you can choose from framed or frameless mirrors. The difference is that beveled mirrors already appear to be framed. Many people leave them this way to give them a floating appearance. They’re also a better choice for smaller spaces because they give the illusion that the room is larger.

For bathrooms with glass partition walls in Miami, a tempered glass beveled mirror is your best option for protection. While mirrors are heavier and should be installed with extra support, this extra safety measure will help you avoid injury in your home.

You can choose beveled mirrors over your bathroom vanities, effectively replacing a long rectangular mirror. A custom mirror can also be crafted in any shapes or sizes you desire. CM Glass Miami can then ship it to you anywhere, giving you the perfect fit for your home. Let us create a beveled edge on glass or mirrors for use with table covers for nightstands, end tables, doors, cabinets, shelving, and other furniture items.

Tips on Using Beveled Mirrors in Interior Design

A custom beveled mirror has a major advantage for your home. It is one of the tricks interior designers use to maximize any space. It’s a trick for the eyes, one that instantly adds a luxurious touch.

Beveled mirrors are like a work of art on their own. They are a reflection of good taste…literally! However, the one place you should never hang a beveled mirror is too close to any doors. They can be bumped more easily and come crashing down, despite your best installation and safety backing.

On any wall, your beveled mirror will elevate the way it looks, adding a more opulent finish. Thanks to those edges, they reflect more light and charm in any room. Hang it above your fireplace, in your powder room, in your master bathroom, dining room, or foyer. The polished look and illusion of greater space are a match for any interior.

Create Custom Mirrors with CM Glass Miami

For over 30 years, CM Glass Miami has provided exemplary bevel, glass, and mirror designs. Our family-owned business is committed to working with you to customize your design and exceed your expectations every time. Whether you are local in the Miami area or further away, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your beveled mirror reflects our top standards. Contact us today for a free quote on your beveled mirror.

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Mirror Gallery

Browse through some of our recent work by visiting our Mirror Gallery. Our gallery has beautiful photos of projects we have completed. Our gallery can inspire new ideas or add to your current projects. We hope you enjoy it! If you prefer to see our work up close, please visit our showroom. We hope to see you soon.


Custom Beveled Mirrors Miami

Mirror Shapes

Mirror Shapes

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Mirror Types

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