Hacienda San Jose Puerto Rico Custom Glass

CM Glass has been a trusted source of high-quality, reliable glass products for over 30 years. We are both family-owned and operated. One of our core goals is to provide our customers with the highest quality glass products that fulfill their needs. Since our prices are so competitive, we can offer our customers a rate that suits the budget of any project. No matter the size of your project, the professionals at CM Glass are ready to work with you to provide the highest quality glass products on the market.

For information or a free quote, contact us or continue reading for a description of our services. Our team at CM Glass in Hacienda San Jose, Puerto Rico is eager to help you find the perfect products to suit your goals and needs.

Custom Glass Services We Offer in Hacienda San Jose, Puerto Rico

CM Glass provides our customers with various services to help them achieve any goal. Some of our products and services include decorative wall partitions, back-painted glass, custom vanity mirrors, glass shower doors, and enclosures, custom LED mirrors, glass countertops, backsplashes, mirror walls, and architectural glass.

Our products are also eligible for export out of the United States if you don’t happen to live stateside but still want to experience quality CM Glass products. When exporting our products, we take safety seriously. We require all our products to undergo rigorous quality control to ensure safe travel to our international customers.

If you’re remodeling your home, CM Glass in Hacienda San Jose, Puerto Rico is the perfect choice for glass that can fit a wide range of applications. Whether it’s your bathroom, living room, kitchen, or even bedroom, we can provide you with glass products and installation for your home’s new look.

CM Glass provides more than just furniture glass for tables and other services; we also offer products such as mirrors or other types of decorative glass that can spice up your environment and give it some new flair.

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More On Our Custom Glass Products

At CM Glass in Hacienda San Jose, Puerto Rico, we hold ourselves and our products to a high standard. It has been a goal from day one to provide only the best products to our customers. As a result of this goal, we have decided to only work with manufacturers that can provide us with high-quality products. 

Here, you’ll find a list of some of our various products and what they can offer you. If you see anything here that piques your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals at CM Glass for a free quote.


CM Glass offers a variety of custom mirrors that can be personalized to suit any of your needs. These products include a variety of vanity, floor, and wall mirrors.

Glass Wine Cellars

The wine cellars we offer at CM Glass are designed to incorporate either wood or metal in their structure. Glass wine cellars are more than just a simple place to store your wine. With a custom wine cellar made by CM Glass, you will receive a one-of-a-kind art piece for your home.

Back-Painted Glass

Back-painted glass can be used in several different places throughout the home. Simple but elegant, back-painted glass can serve as anything from a decorative art piece for your living room to a door for your shower. In the kitchen, it can serve as a backsplash or a countertop. With the option of either a matte or shiny finish, CM Glass in Hacienda San Jose, Puerto Rico is happy to help you determine what kind of back-painted glass is right for you.

Furniture Glass

Furniture glass is one of our most popular products here at CM Glass. The term can cover many different kinds of products. Furniture glass is often used in the bedroom on the nightstand or dresser, or in the living room for the coffee or end table. We offer both clear glass and mirrors as the surfaces for our furniture glass.

Hacienda San Jose, Puerto Rico Custom Glass FAQ

What causes cloudy glass?

Most of the time, improper cleaning methods or hard water stains can lead to cloudy glass. When cleaning your glass products, remember to use CM Glass’s glass cleaner to avoid issues like this.

Is it okay to put glass on a wooden table?

Not only is it okay, but glass can serve to protect wood from damage like stains, small scrapes, or dents. For this service, we offer both clear and back-painted glass.

What can I use to clean my custom glass?

Generally, you shouldn’t use harsh chemicals, vinegar, or hard water when cleaning your products from CM Glass. It’s recommended to use CM Glass’s glass cleaner or soap and water to get a perfect shine every time.