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Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and unique architecture. If there is one aspect of Miami’s unique architecture that often goes unnoticed, it’s storefront glass windows. 

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Glass storefront windows are a vital element in the design of many commercial buildings, providing a variety of benefits to commercial businesses operating in Miami, Florida.

No one knows Miami’s harsh weather conditions and unique needs better than us – from the beautiful sunny weather to the intense stormy weather. Whether you’re interested in glass storefront windows or even hurricane impact glass, CM Glass can help.

What are storefront glass windows?

Storefront glass windows are large, transparent panels used as exterior walls for all types of commercial buildings. Serving as the storefront of a business, these glass windows allow customers to see all of the products and services offered inside by the business.

At CM Glass LLC, we are happy to customize glass storefront windows to suit the specific needs of your business or commercial property. Storefront glass windows can be framed or frameless, and at CM Glass, we will deliver commercial doors Miami business owners can be proud of.

Importance of Commercial Glass Storefront Windows 

Commercial storefront windows greet passersby as the exterior part of your building. As such, they serve as the first thing potential customers and potential clients see of your business or commercial property.

Quality commercial storefront windows installed as your storefront window can make all the difference. To install a commercial glass storefront window, contact CM Glass. We provide custom windows made of commercial glass, including tempered glass – on the ground floor and the higher floors.

As Miami residents make their way about town, whether by foot or car, storefront commercial windows are something they will pass. And if they pass your commercial storefront windows, you want to ensure they are greeted by a welcoming environment

Benefits of Storefront Glass Windows in Miami

There are many benefits to utilizing storefront glass windows for your commercial property, and CM Glass is happy to design custom windows for your commercial projects.

Our team of professionals are experienced in many different styles of commercial storefront windows. For a free estimate, contact us

We can thoroughly discuss your commercial storefront windows, from your unique project’s storefront system, glass thickness, installation, materials, aesthetics, and more.

Personal Branding

If there is one way to stand out from the crowd, it’s through personal branding. In fact, it’s essential to stand out in today’s competitive market.

Because the first thing potential customers and potential clients will see is your storefront, glass storefront windows are the perfect opportunity for your business to showcase its personal brand.

Customize your storefront glass windows with design elements such as colors, patterns, graphics, and more to create a visually appealing storefront that increases brand recognition. For any type of custom glass project, CM Glass is happy to help.

Natural Light

Miami is known for its beautiful weather, including the wonderful sunlight that shines down on its residents. One of the best things about sunlight is that it serves as a natural light source, and glass storefront windows allow that natural sunlight to shine through.

Natural light is a valuable resource that improves your employees’ productivity and overall mood. Natural light improves concentration and energy levels, too!

In addition to creating this environment for your employees, glass storefront windows also draw the attention of potential customers. Utilizing glass windows for your storefront is the perfect way to allow ample natural light to enter your building, which creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is an important thing to consider for any commercial property or business owner – and storefront glass windows are a great way to reduce energy costs! 

Glass storefront windows can be created by coating clear glass with low-emissivity coatings. This thermal efficiency allows businesses to prevent heat loss during the winter months while also preventing heat gain during summer months.

Not only will this thermal performance result in lower energy costs, it will create a more comfortable environment for customers and employees alike.

Increased Visibility

While sunlight has plenty of benefits as previously mentioned, there is no denying how visually appealing natural light can make your surroundings in comparison to artificial light.

A well-lit and visually appealing storefront can attract passersby and casual shoppers. It allows customers to see inside your store, businesses increase the potential to generate interest and increase foot traffic.

Types of Storefront Glass Windows

There are several types of glass storefront windows available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most popular types are single pane, insulated, laminated, low-emissivity, and frameless.

Single Pane Glass

Single pane glass is the most affordable option. It is the most basic option, as well. This type of storefront glass window is typically made of glass that is tempered, which adds strength and safety. CM Glass is happy to provide custom tempered glass for your single pane glass storefront windows.

Insulated Glass

Unlike single pane glass, insulated glass typically consists of two or more panes of glass separated by a spacer. 

Insulated glass provides the benefits of improved energy efficiency and noise reduction. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is created by sandwiching a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two or more sheets of normal glass. 

The benefits of laminated glass include enhanced security and safety. This is because the added layers hold the glass together if it breaks.

Low Emissivity Glass

Low emissivity glass is also known as low e glass. To make this glass, a piece of normal glass is coated with a microscopic layer of metal oxide that reflects infrared radiation. Visible light is still able to pass through.

Photo of Tinted Glass Windows

Benefits of low emissivity glass include improved energy efficiency for your commercial property or business, and reduction of fading caused by UV rays.

Frameless Glass

As mentioned, glass storefront windows are available both with and without frames. Frameless glass storefront windows provide your exterior with a sleek modern look that will be aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing to potential customers and clients. 

Frameless glass also provides an unobstructed view, further ensuring passersby will be able to get a good look inside, which in turn increases their potential to become a customer or client. 

This type of glass is typically held in place with special hardware and can be customized to fit any size or shape necessary. At CM Glass, we are happy to customize glass to suit your needs and fit your building’s unique shape and size.


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