Puerto Rico Glass Shower Doors

When you want your bathroom to look its best, you need to reach out to your favorite Puerto Rico Custom Glass Company. CM Glass understands that you’re looking for a refreshed and updated look that will make your bathroom feel like your own private oasis, a place where you can relax and disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. Call us today and let our experts recommend the best shower door for your bathroom. The transformation will be unbelievable.

How Do Shower Doors Work?

Depending on the design of your shower door, it may consist of a door on hinges or two panels that slide by rolling along tracks attached to the shower enclosure. For the doors to slide, there may be mechanical rollers to assist with the movement.

Your doors will serve to limit a tub-shower combo and prevent water from splashing onto the rest of the bathroom.

If you have only had shower curtains, you will be amazed at the transformation that a glass shower door provides. It will immediately modernize your bathroom, giving it an air of elegance and brightness.

Nowadays, the glass in your shower door can be coated with special chemicals that make it repel water while also protecting the glass from corrosion, mineral buildup, and stains.

Frameless Bath Enclosures

What to Expect From Your Shower Door

Your shower door will be a reflection of your design taste and aesthetics. To achieve your desired look, you can select from a variety of shower doors, each one giving your bathroom a different look and feel. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Bi-fold: These doors use hinges to fold inwards.
  • Hinged: The hinges allow these doors to swing out into the bathroom. They are ideal for large spaces,
  • Screen: A stationary glass panel.
  • Walk-in: In this case, there will be no rollers or tracks to wear out. These are perfect for people with mobility issues.
  • Quadrant: These doors can be curved to fit into corners, helping you maximize a tight space.
  • Sliding: If your shower has a wide opening or is combined with a bathtub, a sliding door is ideal to give you the look you seek.
  • Pivot: These doors swing on a pin and do not require a lot of clearance.

Custom Options

You may truly want to spoil yourself when you’re building your new bathroom or remodeling by adding some luxury options to your shower. If so, think about adding a steam jet or maybe incorporating Bluetooth.

Turn your tub into a whirlpool or go for a frameless sleek shower door that will allow the beauty of your marble or tile to be visible everywhere in the room.

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